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The Embrace Change Edition
Z. Agatha Klaxovox, Intergalactic Test Security Specialist
Ask Agatha
Fighting Fire with Fire
Dear Agatha,

Our testing program recently suffered a devastating breach. We had a security plan in place and followed it perfectly to mitigate the damage. However, we truly believed we were doing everything in our power to prevent the breach in the first place. What more should we do?

Concerned in Connecticut
Dear Concerned,

This may be a good time to
re-assess the threats to your program
and create a plan for re-assessing them on an ongoing basis. While I do not know the particulars of your situation, one thing is certain: threats will continue to evolve as technology does, so embracing the change – and looking it squarely in the face – is a practical place to start.

Consider following news sources that alert consumers to the latest technologies hitting the market, and then gauge how they might affect your program in the future. Also, consider fighting fire with fire by leveraging technology to your own security advantage.

Many earthlings fear what they do not know; as the resident Alien advice columnist of the best Test Security e-zine in the galaxy, I am here to encourage you to anticipate, embrace, and be a catalyst for change. You can do it!

Best of luck, Concerned.

Ask Agatha is an advice column written by Z. Agatha Klaxovox. Agatha is an intergalactic test security specialist who is only too happy to offer advice on what we should be doing here on earth. To submit a question to Ask Agatha, email Questions will remain 100% confidential.
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