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April Edition
Caveon Bulletin
What's new at Caveon?
The Conference on Test Security (COTS)
The 7th annual Conference on Test Security (COTS) is happening this October 10-12 in Park City, UT. This is the only conference entirely dedicated to protecting your high-stakes exams. The call for session submissions is open through April 30, and sponsorship opportunities are available. Don’t miss out on your chance to present at COTS! 

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David Foster and Steve Addicott contributed to
Next Generation Technology-Enhanced Assessments
, by authoring Chapter 6, "Security of Technology-Enhanced Assessments." 
“With technology’s growing ubiquity and impact on our lives, this book provides a timely resource.  Dr. David Foster and I are pleased to have contributed Caveon’s experience and perspective, as more and more test programs confront the test security challenges involved in technology-enhanced assessments,”
said Addicott.
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Caveon professionals have recently authored chapters in two new industry publications:
Dr. Jamie Mulkey wrote the entry "Test Security" in
The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation
, which was released in February, 2018.
“Protection of educational assessments and test security principles are important concepts for educational measurement professionals to understand. It was my privilege to contribute to The Encyclopedia to raise the level of awareness on the importance of creating fair and valid assessments, and supporting trustworthy test results,”
said Mulkey.

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National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA)
The National Conference on Student Assessment will be held June 27-29 in San Diego, CA.  This K-12-focused conference is a great place to learn more about test security and a variety of other topics in educational testing. Caveon has several sessions on the program and will have a booth in the exhibit hall. We hope to see you there!
Upcoming Webinar
Don’t miss the May session of the Caveon Webinar Series: "SmartItems: Using Innovative Item Design to Make Your Life Easier." On May 23, Dr. David Foster will host this session and discuss innovation in designing your test items and the benefits of using SmartItems, including: ·       Saving money and time in your test design ·       Removing security worries ·       Leveling the playing field for all your test takers ·       Measuring exam results more effectively and efficiently
This webinar is free and only lasts an hour.
Register today
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If you can’t attend the webinar, register anyway, and we’ll send you the recording of the live session after it airs.

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If you missed our March webinar, A Guide to Online Protection Strategies, don't fret. You can still watch it by clicking the image above.