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The Embrace Change Edition
Brinnlie Knavel, Marketing Specialist, Caveon
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Did you miss Dr. David Foster, CEO and Dr. Sarah Toton, Psychometrician in the last webinar? Don't fret! The recording, slides, and Q&A are all available. Join us as we discuss fairness in testing for test makers, test takers, and test stakeholders.


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We get it... the world of data forensics can feel a lot like Oz. How do you know if you need data forensics? How do you decide what analyses should be performed? How do you pick who should perform the analyses? Where do you even start?

It's easy to feel like you are lost in unfamiliar territory!

Fortunately, we have the map to guide your way. In just 30 minutes, this webinar will lay a yellow brick road for your data forensics journey. Not only will you receive answers to many of your data forensics questions, but along the way, you will learn more about critical issues, such as:
  • What potential losses do I face as a result of security threats?
  • What actions will I be able to take with data forensics results?
  • What features should my data forensics program have?
  • Can I use my existing staff to perform the analysis?
Dorothy had the Lion and the Tin Man, and YOU have Caveon's team of data forensics experts to guide you along the way. There is no one in all of Oz (or closer to home) who is better prepared to direct you through the process.


Education in the Health Professions, a publication of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, is a peer-reviewed print and online quarterly journal.

Caveon's CEO & President, Dr. David Foster, was published in their most recent issue.

In the article, Foster reflects on his nearly 40-year working experience in the assessment arena. He reasons that, despite many innovative technology solutions, the assessment field has failed to introduce technology in creative, effective ways. This is evidenced by the fact that most modern assessments used in the high-stakes testing industry involve paper-and-pencil tests administered on computers. Foster identifies eight common reasons (and excuses) used to reject change and accept the status quo, thereby forcing the assessment field to live in the past. Click here to view the article, and here to view the full journal.
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