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The Prevention Lockbox
Brinnlie Knavel, Caveon
How Site Monitoring Saved the Day
Implementing an effective Site Monitoring plan is crucial for ensuring the validity of test results. Jump into this real-life scenario first-hand and “see” the benefits site monitoring can offer you. To read the case study referenced in this story, click here.
The In-The-Night Questions
Plagued by another early morning alarm, you hit the snooze button. You haven’t had much sleep, still afflicted by the same daunting questions about the testing in your state. How can you know if your exam is being administered properly in schools? How can you be sure that your test administrators are following the rules? That the test-takers are being honest, and that the scores you hand out are valid and fair? The answer that comes to you is quite simple: The only effective method to know whether your test security policies are working, and that your exam is secure during administration, is to be there when it happens. “It’s too simple of an answer,” you reason. “And besides, I can’t be in the room with all I’ve got going on.” Well, you’re right. And not only that, it’s a lot of confidence to place in somebody else—you can’t give just anybody a task of this magnitude.
The Situation
It’s 2018. State assessments have drawn to a close and you are reviewing and analyzing the results. Unfortunately, when using standard data forensics procedures, you uncovered a school that had unusually high scores on the math portion of the test. Concerned about the validity of the rest of the scores, and worried that security protocols hadn't been followed, you order a data forensics review and a follow-up investigation. Jumping to the present day, you want to ensure the validity of the upcoming state assessments and avoid a repeat of last year’s unusual results. So, you hire monitoring experts to act as your "eyes in the room" during the test's administration.
The Outcome During the course of monitoring, your experts discover several of your Test Administrators at the school subtly (but effectively) coaching your students toward the correct answers. Immediately, the monitors log the information into their internet-based test security platform, Core™. Because of your monitors’ swift response, you instantly receive the incident report, and begin formulating a solution—all while the incident is currently transpiring in the classroom. Within 24 hours, you’ve successfully identified each of the colluding Test Administrators, and the remainder of your tests have been completed without incident.
The Impact
The observations made by your monitors provided valuable information that wasn't discoverable through data forensics, or even through investigations. Monitoring allowed you to react in real time, which minimized the potential consequences. Without monitors observing in schools, student coaching would have continued unnoticed, and students' test scores would have likely been invalidated. By joining forces with these "on the ground" soldiers, you were able to take immediate action, and successfully preserved the integrity and validity of the state assessments.
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