During the 19th century, French essayist and novelist Marcel Proust – the author of
In Search of Lost Time
— created a parlor game that involved filling out a questionnaire to get to know the "true nature" of dinner guests.
Industry Insider
is the Testing Industry's take on Proust's game - an opportunity to get to know our colleagues just a little bit better.
Where do you work and what is your job title?
I work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise from the campus in Roseville, California. I manage certification development for HPE.
How long have you worked in a job that involves test security?
Seven years.
Why do you think test security is important?
 It is important to ensure that those we certify at HPE actually have the skills and knowledge required for the specific level of achievement. Cheating from a stolen exam weakens the validity of a certification program if it cannot prove an individual is truly capable.
What is your favorite thing about your job?
I enjoy the technology. Being in certification and training is one way to keep up with the newest options.
What is the biggest challenge to test security today?
The biggest challenge is the theft of exams. Stolen exams should be rendered worthless.
What do you think will be the biggest challenge to test security 20 years from now?
That’s a tough one, but I think thieves will learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their advantage. I imagine that AI will change test security in ways we can't even envision today.
Why do you think people outside of this industry should care about test security?
Without test security, there really is no way to validate that a professional you employ actually has the skills you need until it is too late.
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Again, that's a tough one. I just want the things I do to be respected and viewed as great examples to others. I believe that mimicry is the greatest form of flattery.
If you could choose one superpower to help you in your quest to keep tests safe, which superpower would you choose?
I would want to be able to generate new things from nothing. That way a new test could always be released as soon as the previous one was exposed.
What is one thing that is sitting on your desk right now that is completely unrelated to work?
Pictures of my family.
What workplace skill do you wish you were better at?
The ability to sit through and engage in boring meetings. Not all meetings are this way, but when they are, I want to help them come to life!
What is your lunchtime routine?
I typically head down to the campus cafeteria with a couple of my employees.
What characteristic do you most value in a friend/colleague?
I value the genuine ability to put up with me, because there is a side of me that always wants things my way.
What characteristic do you most dislike in a friend/colleague?
Continual complaining.
What are your hobbies outside of work?
I enjoy just about everything in the outdoors – particularly hiking and camping, and the work that goes into preparing for either of those activities.
Which person (alive, dead and/or fictional) do you most admire?
Jesus Christ.
What is your favorite book or writer?
The Bible. It's 66 different books in one.
If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?
Since this is hypothetical, I would like to come back as a benevolent leader of a great nation. I would be kind to everyone, and everyone would always have enough to live comfortably. No one would feel want, and I would enforce laws so that people would be safe.
What is your motto?
 Lead, follow, or get out of the way.  
Jim Lucari
Sr. Manager of Certification Development at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jim Lucari, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
April Edition
Jim Lucari
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