The Embrace Change Edition
Tyler Weiland, BioSig-ID
Innovation Spotlight:
The Next Level of Student Authentication in the Classroom
Celebrating innovation in every corner of our industry, this column highlights companies, organizations, and individuals who are pursuing dynamic testing transformations.
In today’s academic environment, cheating and fraud are at an all-time high. Online learning environments are a cheater’s paradise thanks to the virtual nature of most learning management systems.  With the exception of proctoring during tests, there is little in the way of verifiable authentication, creating a broken system that students can now drive a truck through. Students rarely cheat when they know they are being watched via proctoring because they understand the ramifications if caught. Unfortunately in most cases, proctoring is only implemented during high-stakes testing. Because of this, administrators only see approximately 2% of a student’s overall classroom experience.
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It only takes one negative story in the media, a data breach, or a fine from the OIG to tarnish your institution's reputation. Why take the risk?
While it depends on the class, most mid-term and final exams combined only account for say 30% of the total grade. What about the rest of the course? With 70% of a student’s grade resting on “other” assignments, a student can simply give their LMS password to mom, a friend, or someone they paid to take their quizzes, participate in discussions, and complete other gradable assessments. Students know that if their exams only count for 30% of the grade, they can still pass the course even if they fail the mid-term and final. The reality is that institutions often have no way of knowing who is completing the coursework, because instructors don’t have the right tools to look for suspicious behavior or activity. Luckily, a solution exists.
, the world’s only biometric password, looks at the total student experience with continuous authentication throughout the course. With a simple 4-digit password that you draw, students must verify their identity before they can gain access to their LMS or test.
Submitting a paper or homework assignment? Participating in a group discussion? Instructors can put BioSig-ID in front of any course event to gate access and ensure that only the individual enrolled in the course is doing the work. Our robust forensics have caught 1000’s of students cheating because we measure user behavioral data from the total student experience, not just a single exam. Best of all, with BioSig-ID:
  • There are no hardware or software downloads 
  • Users can gain access on any device or IOS, using their finger, stylus, or mouse
  • Students can no longer share passwords 
  • Imposters can’t duplicate how it’s drawn
  • Instructors have robust reporting tools at their fingertips that can detect suspicious behavior in real-time
  • Institutions gain access to next-level forensics reporting that meet all accreditation compliance regulations
It only takes one negative story in the media, a data breach, or a fine from the OIG to tarnish your institution’s reputation. Why take the risk? Instead, opt for a proven authentication solution with more than 500k users and 13M validations worldwide. If you’re in the market for an identity management tool that prevents cheating and academic fraud, check out
and see for yourself how we’ve “reinvented the password”.
Meet BioSig-ID's CEO, President, and Founder
Mr. Maynard first became involved with biometrics when he ran divisions for a publicly traded company that utilized biometrics in healthcare. Prior to founding BSI, he negotiated a $10M reverse merger and the sale of an electronic prescribing company for over $3M. He is a co-founder of eScript Systems™ and developed several patented biometric signature authentication inventions. He has senior management experience with two top 10 pharmaceutical companies, and was an equity partner for a software development company in predictive modelling and data mining in healthcare that later sold to a public company. He has also served as Vice President of Business Development for several publicly traded health service companies in the U.S. Mr. Maynard has published numerous white papers on identity proofing and been a keynote speaker at multiple conferences. Through his leadership, he has guided BSI to recognition by the State of Texas as among the top 4% of companies with breakthrough technology, and earned a New Product Innovation of the Year Award from Frost and Sullivan. Most recently, the White House chose BSI technology to reduce identity fraud on the Internet from a field of 180 competing companies. In his career, Mr. Maynard has helped to create, manage and nurture seven early stage, startup companies and has been a proven performer in developing successful products and teams in both early stage and Fortune 500 companies.
Mr. Jeff Maynard
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