Kim Brunnert, Director of Psychometrics, Elsevier Science
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Meet a CESP:
Kim Brunnert
Dr. Kim Brunnert is the Director of Psychometrics at HESI Review and Testing at Elsevier. She has worked extensively in national and international test development and research, including directing and contributing to multiple assessments as well as leading a randomized control trial research study funded by the Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Services. She has been an active participant and presenter at conferences where psychometrics or security are the primary topics. Dr. Brunnert has authored and edited books, book chapters, research reports, journal articles, best practice documents, and white papers and has presented at national and international conferences.
What was your overall experience taking the
CESP exam
The experience was straightforward and easy. I enjoyed using Skype for remote proctoring. It was a fast, efficient, and easy way to take the exam on my own schedule in my own environment. I did find the DOMC items surprisingly stressful even though I had already practiced taking them.
What steps did you take to prepare for the exam?
I knew that my busy daily schedule didn’t leave a lot of room for a study routine, but fortunately, I have done a variety of tasks around security in both my current and past positions and had already read many of the recommended books. Knowing this, I decided to take the exam and do as much additional preparation as possible given my time constraints. Once I signed up, I did an initial scan of the study materials, and then did a few intense reading sessions of the sections that my experience doesn’t specifically cover. This method proved effective for reinforcing details in my areas of expertise and sufficient for bolstering my knowledge of the other aspects of test security that I was less familiar with.
What are your thoughts on the Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) item type?
Item and test creation is an art form that combines good science, good business, and user-friendliness, among other things. I can see why the DOMC item type is said to be the ultimate secure item since the examinee never sees the stem and all the answer options on the same screen. However, as a test taker, I found the format stressful because I was getting immediate feedback on each item, and sometimes this had me still thinking about a previous question after I had moved on to the next one. While I don’t think DOMC items will be the best fit for all assessments, I do think they are an interesting fit to minimize content stealing. I also think that the scoring and analysis that comes from the DOMC items will be a useful addition to Psychometrics and Measurement.
How has the CESP- Generalist certification helped you in your position?
The CESP – Generalist certification
has been a conversation starter for me with colleagues who rarely get to talk about security as well as an effective way to let people in the test security field know that I have similar interests and, potentially, responsibilities. Also, this certification has enabled me to showcase the fact that test security isn’t just something I am serious about but also something I have expertise in.
Do you have advice for others that are interested in becoming a CESP?
Carefully review the recommended books, study guides, case studies, white papers, and the other provided reading material. Pay attention to both the details and big picture concepts, and make sure you don’t just skim over the materials, particularly in areas that are not part of your daily routine.
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