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A few of the highlights for May-August 2019

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Not all exam security incidents are created equal, and not all require an investigation. If you've found a testing irregularity, there are a host of questions that follow: How do you get started? How do you know what to investigate? Who will be involved in the investigation? This webinar will give you information on best-practices for training and conducting investigations, including:
    • Preparing investigation plans,
    • Evaluating incidents,
    • Gathering evidence & documents,
    • Communicating results,
    • Training staff, and
    • Examples & tips from seasoned experts.
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OLC Collaborate
Multiple Dates | Multiple Locations

National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA)
August 26-29, 2019
Baltimore, MD

Helpful Resources for All Things Testing

1. The Only Comprehensive Guide to Monitoring Test Administration in School Districts: Part 1

End-of-year testing may be wrapping up for K-12, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for next year! Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned expert, your district will find great tips on how to:
  • Build your program,
  • Select your schools for monitoring,
  • Prepare your monitors for observation,
  • And more.
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2. What is Tech-Enhanced Test Administration Monitoring?

View a close-up of this helpful infographic comparing the high-end specs of tech-enhanced test administration monitoring versus its popular predecessor, the "traditional" method. By the end, you'll understand technology's impact on staffing, observation, and data processing. View the infographic here.
National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA)
June 24-26, 2019
Orlando, FL
Theme: "Measure What Matters, and Create Accountability for Equity"

National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC)
June 30 - July 3, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

Certification Network Group (CNG)
June 12, 2019
Alexandria, VA
"Psychometrics 101: Engaging Your Board and New Staff Members"

SIAA Ed Tech Industry Conference & CODiE Awards
June 10-12, 2019
San Francisco, CA

UB Tech
June 10-12, 2019
Bonnet Creek, FL

PBL World
June 18-20, 2019
Napa Valley, CA

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
June 23-26, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

New Tech Annual Conference (NTAC)
July 15-19, 2019
Orlando, FL
Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group (DATAG)
July 17-19, 2019
Saratoga Springs, NY
Theme: "The Trifecta: Leaders, Data & Progress"

July 23-25, 2019
Austin, TX

July 24-26, 2019
San Francisco, CA

Distance Teaching & Learning (DT&L) Conference
August 6-8, 2019
Madison, WI

COTS 2019
The Conference on Test Security
October 16-18, 2019
Miami, FL Call for Posters is Open | Closes August 1, 2019
Sponsorship Opportunities Available
Join experts from all types of organizations as they discuss the test security capabilities and enhancements that protect the validity of test results and brand integrity. By attending #COTS2019, you can learn how to:
    • Build more secure tests
    • Create a test security plan,
    • Implement policies and best practices,
    • Use statistics to detect examinees who may be cheating,
    • Convey security information and findings to stakeholders or courts of law,
    • And more!
3. What is Data Forensics?

Need to explain data forensics to someone you work with? Show them this video! It explores the basics of data forensics, answering questions like:
  • What is data forensics?
  • What questions does data forensics help answer?
  • What is the value of data forensics to the testing industry as a whole?
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When a life-changing diagnosis required one father to trust his infant child to a team of medical "professionals", he couldn't help but reflect on the importance of valid certifications, and on the real-world implications of test security values.
Behavioral design can be used to encourage individuals to drive the speed limit, exercise, and even follow test security policies. In this article, Dr. Cynthia G. Parshall and Dr. John Fremer suggest practical methods for using behavior "nudges" to encourage ethical behavior in test-takers.
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