The testing industry is under attack from two nefarious supervillains:
. Worry not, it is in your power to join testing superheroes and defend the fairness of exams.
Using test taking cues to answer a question correctly. This villain regularly adds about 10% of junk to a test score.
Using pre-knowledge of questions and other inappropriate ways to answer a question correctly. While I don't know exact numbers, I know that this villain adds a massive amount of junk to cheaters’ scores. Worse than that though, cheating destroys trust in ALL test scores.
These villains are irrelevant, obvious, and damaging. They are “irrelevant” because both have absolutely no relationship to the skill or construct the test was designed to measure. They are “obvious” because they exist in acknowledged abundance in all multiple choice questions, and because cheating continues mostly unchecked in every testing program in the world. They are “damaging” because they produce real hurt to the validity of test scores, reputations of individual testing programs, and the testing industry as a whole.

Most importantly, these supervillains are unfair towards honest test takers, who do not have the desire to cheat or have access to "test-taking skills" training. These individuals become the real victims of unfairness—their scores are seen as lower compared to the higher invalid scores of others, and because of this, these victims often miss out on important educational and employment opportunities. The
Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
, along with a host of testing experts, recommend that we discover and remove such villains from our testing programs—once and for all, if possible.
If only we had superheroes we could call on.
The Superheroes
While they might not be able to ride in on a white horse, or show up in a space ship, there are two testing superheroes that are capable of saving the day and protecting these individuals from unfairness. These two superheroes come into play when we simply change the design of a test - one that deals with testwiseness and the other with cheating. When deployed together, they decimate, decapitate and dissolve these villains, right before our eyes. These superheroes are:

The Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC)
: DOMC gives options for multiple choice items one at a time, preventing in the simplest way almost all testwiseness.
: SmartItems cover entire skill domains in a single item, presenting an unlimited number of item variations. With SmartItems, you still adhere to the highest standards of measurement, but completely eliminate stealing items and make almost every type of cheating impossible.

Surprisingly, for these superheroes,
there is no exaggeration in these statements
. They have superpowers like the testing world has never seen before. When deployed, SmartItems and DOMC make it so every test taker has a fair chance of displaying what she or he has learned through studying or by experience on the job. Test takers don’t have to worry anymore about being unfairly evaluated. Users of the test scores can make confident decisions. Incredibly, there are no victims anymore. (Well, other than the business models of superficial test prep companies and Braindump sites. Good riddance!)
I watched the new
movie recently and easily recognized Thanos as the biggest supervillain the Marvel universe has ever known. In the universe we all inhabit, we have other well-known villains. There are individuals such as Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wilkes Booth, as well as non-human villains such as earthquakes, cancer, poverty, and war.

Even the testing industry is not safe from the threat of supervillains. In my opinion, there are two villains who plague us, and in doing so introduce unfairness into our test scores. They are:
The Supervillians
Join Forces with Our Superheroes
If you have ever dreamed of joining the Avengers, this is your chance. We invite you to join forces with our superheroes and begin using DOMC and SmartItems to fight the villains of unfairness in the testing world. Captain Fairness, defender of the testing oppressed, has a nice ring to it.
Dr. David Foster, CEO of Caveon
June Edition
Dr. David Foster
Superheroes &
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