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Special Edition
March 2018


Special Edition
March 2018
Dear Colleague,
Welcome to this special edition of the Caveon Lockbox. In this electronic-magazine, we have gathered together a set of resources that identify the basic challenges to test security and how to protect against them. If you are new to your position, we hope that these articles will provide a quick reference to get you started as you plan for your state’s high stakes test administrations. If you have been serving for some time, we welcome your views on the value of these materials compared to others that you have used. If we have missed publications that you have found valuable, please let us know what they are and how they can be accessed by your state testing colleagues. We’ve included information and references on identifying test security threats as well as procedures related to the prevention, deterrence, and detection of testing irregularities. For some threats, your state may already have policies, procedures, and materials in place, and you may be considering others.  There are many security professionals who are willing to guide you and advise as part of a professional organizations and conferences. The Conference on Test Security in Park City, Utah ( for example, is an excellent venue for conversations about test security. If you are new in your position, contact me for information about a complimentary registration. I sincerely hope you you enjoy this electronic magazine.

Warm Regards, John Fremer
President, Caveon Consulting Services Caveon, LLC 
(215) 805-3007 
In-depth exposés on the most relevant test security topics for state assessments
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Test security matters, so does the language we use to talk about it. In this article, learn the difference between test security and test integrity, a test irregularity and an anomaly, and the different types of test fraud.
In the last few years, both the Atlanta and Baltimore school districts faced publicly reported cheating scandals. Comparing the two district's differing responses will teach you how to avoid a similar situation.
Learn how to protect your K-12 testing program by monitoring social media and other websites for testing content that has been leaked online.
Learn about using data forensics analyses to detect instances of test fraud in K-12 test administrations.
Monitoring of test administrations can provide valuable information on the fidelity with which the test administration and security procedures are being applied.
Investigating testing irregularities is an important part of the test security process that allows a testing program to confidently determine the truth of a testing irregularity.
A few more test security resources to help you protect your K-12 state assessments
Here at Caveon, we understand that testing programs are facing unprecedented and ever-changing attacks to their security. Our cutting-edge, comprehensive security solutions will protect your program from whatever threats it might face.
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