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The Embrace Change Edition
October - November 2018
Featured Articles
In-depth explorations of the latest and most pressing test security topics
Why don’t more people embrace creative approaches to testing? David Foster has given this question careful consideration throughout his career. Here are some of the possibilities he came up with:
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Dragos Iliescu of the University of Bucharest discusses the important alliance between testing and technology, and the need for this complex relationship to move from "uneasy" to "enthusiastic".

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People want their products and services to improve, indeed they even expect it. But there is often much less enthusiasm to actually “making changes". In this article, Dr. John Fremer outlines one approach for making the necessary paradigm shift and embracing the leaves of change.
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Test security expert Rachel Schoenig speaks about the importance of innovation in the field of test security, exciting trends for the future of testing, and her experience at the forefront of the field.
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Short Reads
Brief test security exposés, interviews, and advice columns for those who are short on time
In brief...
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Get to know your colleagues in the test security industry a little bit better as they answer fun and intriguing questions from Marcel Proust's 18th century parlor game
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Industry Insider: 
John Olson, Olson Educational Measurement & Assessment Services
Change drives improvement in every industry, but what are the seven most groundbreaking innovations in testing's past? Each has had a lasting impact, and one just might change our future...
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7 Groundbreaking Innovations in Testing History
Use the latest scientific research conducted by Caveon to evaluate your options and make the best decisions for your testing program.
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Data-Driven Success:
A Newcomer's Impression of SmartItems

Celebrating innovation in every corner of our industry, this column highlights companies, organizations, and individuals who are pursuing dynamic testing transformations.
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Innovation Spotlight: BioSig-ID
The Next Level of Student Authentication in the Classroom
Ask Agatha is an advice column written by Z. Agatha Klaxovox. Agatha is an intergalactic test security specialist who is only too happy for a sanctioned opportunity to tell you what she thinks you ought to be doing here on earth.
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Ask Agatha:
Fighting Fire with Fire

What's new at Caveon? Learn about our most recent publications, our upcoming webinars, and all the future conferences we hope to see you at.
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New and Noteworthy:
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