The Deterrence Lockbox
Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D., CESP, VP of Sales Enablement, Caveon
The Superpower of Women in Testing
Dr. Jamie Mulkey is Vice President of Sales Enablement for Caveon. Dr. Mulkey has a distinguished history; holding major positions in testing organizations, certification task forces, and testing-related non-profit associations. As a Caveon founder, Jamie was a major contributor to shaping the testing industry’s discussion around test security and bringing test security services to market. Dr. Mulkey believes that sound, secure test security planning and practices provide the foundation for quality testing and trustworthy results. Her current focus is working with clients to design pre-emptive policies and processes that protect their most important assets—their tests. Dr. Mulkey is also the Executive Director of the of the Institute for Exam Security (i4ES), whose mission it is to broaden the understanding and importance of test security.
The ATP attendees who joined forces at the Women in Testing event not only appreciated the food and conversation that took place, but the ability to raise awareness to an important cause.

When the superpower of giving counts, the women of ATP come through. Caveon looks forward to hosting this important networking and fundraising event again* next year, pre-ATP, in beautiful San Diego, California.
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We are women of extraordinary superpowers. We lead with purpose; we work by collaboration. Our results are consensus-driven. We are the women of ATP.

Once a year, great women with extraordinary superpowers gather together to kick-off ATP with Caveon’s annual Women in Testing Reception. Here, we celebrate the many wonderful contributions that women have made to the testing industry, and provide a space where new ATP attendees can get to know the many other incredible women who make up the assessment industry.

This year, the women of Caveon hosted their annual pre-conference Women in Testing event with an additional superpower in mind—giving to women in need. The well-attended Women’s Reception raised almost $2,000 for the Women’s Resource Center of Florida, a non-profit organization that provides a variety of helpful services to women and their families during times of crisis or transition.

"It was a great place to connect with other women in the field and to support a very important foundation; an organization dedicated to helping women in transition and crisis rewrite their stories and start living a life that makes them proud and independent."

- Dianne Henderson, ACT
"It was wonderful to be hosted by and among so many strong, intelligent women, and to have the opportunity to make valuable connections in the industry."

- Audry Hite, Ascend Learning
*To learn more about the event's rich history, or to receive notifications about next year's Women in Testing Reception, click
, or go to

Colleagues who attended the Women in Testing Reception enjoyed an afternoon full of drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and friendly conversation.